First Of All – Thank You For Choosing Great Choice Flooring!

Thank you for choosing Great Choice Flooring to supply and fit your new flooring. We will do everything we can to ensure your entire experience is as painless and as smooth as possible!

To ensure it is a smooth process from start to finish, please read the following notes:

Rippling / Bubbling

Carpets & vinyls can sometimes ripple while they settle down to their new environment. These will usually settle down within 6 weeks or so. If it doesn’t settle down within that time frame it may require a free quick ‘n’ easy re-stretch. Just call us to arrange. (It’s not that uncommon and nothing to worry about … the restretch only takes about 20 minutes to do.)

Follow Up Actions?

If, after the fitting is complete, any follow up action is needed, please don’t leave it with the fitters to sort it out! Please call us here at Great Choice Flooring on 01202 377 577 to ensure it actually happens!

Safety First

We work with knives and tools – please keep yourself, pets and children well away from the area(s) we are working in.

Pets / Children

It is not our responsibility to ensure your child or pets safety. Doors may have to be left open for short periods so please just keep them away from the area we will be working in!

Any Problems At All …

If you experience any problems, please let us know, for example bubbling.  Just call us to arrange your quick n’ easy restretch.

Door / Plinth Trimming

Carpet fitters don’t trim doors so if your doors or plinths do need trimming call Tony Fisher on 07749 234678 or Brian Larwood on 07838 118812. They will charge you directly a fee for doing this and to be paid directly to the door trimmer once completed.

Rooms Cleared

If you are unable to clear a room please ensure you remove books from bookshelves, drawers from cabinets or wardrobes etc. It is not our responsibility to move your personal items, books, magazine racks, toys, nik naks etc.

Paying Fitters

If agreed please can you ensure you pay the fitter the required amount in cash once the fitting has been completed. If you will not be in, please let me know where you will leave it.

Heating On

If it is a cold day can you please put the heating on. This is not for the fitters comfort! The warmth will help your flooring settle down more quickly.

Entry & Exits

Please ensure the route to and from the areas of work are clear. This includes pictures and nik-naks on walls, shoe racks at entrances etc! We don’t want to damage your property!


Can you please ensure the fitters can park very close to the property. Rolls of carpet are often very heavy, so the fitters need to be able to park close by.

Entry & Exit Routes

Please ensure the route to and from the areas of work are clear. This includes pictures and nik-naks on walls, shoe racks at entrances etc! We don’t want to damage your property!


We are not insured or qualified to remove or disconnect gas appliances. If you want your vinyl to go underneath an appliance please ensure the appliance is removed before the fitters get there and be careful putting it back so vinyl doesn’t tear!


It is not our responsibility to move and unplug TV’s and other electrical equipment. If circumstances are such you can’t remove them yourself we can unplug and move these items but it is not our responsibility to re-plug them back in again, sort out the reception, re-plug in Wifi etc. NO responsibilty will be accepted for damage to electricals etc whilst moving them.

How To Maintain Your New Flooring

We want to help you maintain your new flooring so it lasts well and maintains its looks for as long as possible. Here’s how to look after your new flooring.