Our Unbreakable Core Values

This Mission Statement is what we live and breathe by! We know how much faff it is to choose flooring if you’re traipsing round the shops. How much faff it is to get rid of your old flooring or buy tiny samples to try and see what the flooring will really look like in location! 

You’ll get none of that with us. 

Everything we do in our business has been designed to turn an ordeal into a breeze! 

Paul Baker, Carpet Man 

Owner, Great Choice Flooring Ltd  

Mission Statement

To make it as easy as possible for consumers to buy quality, practical flooring with honest, fair and transparent pricing and excellent communications. 

Setting The Standard

We WON’T offer you vastly inflated prices just to do false and misleading “sales”, or do “deals” where one part of the quote is vastly inflated to make another part look cheaper. We also won’t advertise FREE FITTING or such nonsense because no one works for free.  

Instead we will price in a totally fair, honest manner so you can see exactly what you are paying for. 

What’s more, we’ll  do WHAT we say we’ll do, WHEN we say we’ll do it for the PRICE we have said we’ll do it for. 

We find life is a lot easier that way.