Carpet Cleaning in Poole and Bournemouth

As well as offering our customers new carpet from Great Choice Flooring, we also offer quality carpet cleaning at affordable prices throughout Poole, Bournemouth and surrounding areas. 

Our quality equipment and products mean we can transform almost any carpet back to a fantastic condition. Have a look at the images which show the incredible results we can get with our professional carpet cleaning equipment!

At Great Choice carpet cleaning (covering all Poole and Bournemouth areas,)  we believe in pricing fairly. This means you’ll pay more or less, depending on how much work it will take to restore your carpets.

Since it’s not fair to charge the same for a carpet which is heavily soiled and will take hours to deep clean as opposed to a carpet which is lightly soiled which I can go over quickly, we will usually need to pop in and have a look before we quote, however, we can give a rough guide over the phone.

We also won’t tell you that we’ll clean a room for £19 and then charge you far, far more when we get to the property. It’s a well known scam in carpet cleaning called “bait and switch.” Please don’t fall it. Great quality carpet cleaning costs money, but we won’t charge you as much as some others will charge you because you may choose to come to us for your new carpets poole bournemouth too!

The Great Choice Carpet Cleaning Guarantee

We are delighted to offer all our customers this guarantee … if you are not happy with our carpet cleaning, for whatever reason, then call us back and we will happily redo any areas. If you are still not happy, then we will refund every single penny you have paid.

No fuss. No arguments. All we want is truly thrilled customers!