Vinyl Flooring From Our Mobile Shop (Poole & Bournemouth)

Vinyl flooring in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens are an extremely practical choice and will keep their looks for many years. If you are careful it is also perfectly fine to put a good quality vinyl down in halls and lounges too. Don’t worry, we’ll advise you how to take care of your new flooring too!

From our mobile vinyl shop in Poole & Bournemouth we supply a wide range of vinyls, from the more traditional stone and wood vinyls to some more abstract and contemporary designs too. Modern vinyls are very realitic and come in a wide range of colours and patterns to match every décor, including a variety of ultra realistic woods and stone effects.

Please note we don’t supply the very low end, budget vinyls as they tear really easily and are a terrible investment (since it often costs only an extra £20 or so to have something quality fitted as opposed to something low end.) It may be worth considering our range of LVT’s too!


Vinyl flooring, brought to your door!

Maintaining Your New Vinyl Flooring

How a vinyl floor is cleaned is very important. Most spillages and stains will just wipe off quickly and easily, but some will persist, often becoming dried on the surface and then hard to remove when using just soap and water.

A variety of products may be used to deal with these, from peroxide to ice cubes, the latter being used to make some substances – like chewing gum or wax – brittle so they can be scraped up easily. A mixture of water and bicarbonate of soda can also be used to deal with yellow stains that can form from the placing of area rugs on such floors.

However, it is important to avoid certain materials and substances when cleaning a vinyl floor. Scouring powder and brillo pads should both be avoided as these can cause significant damage to a vinyl floor by scratching it.

Another issue about floor cleaning is that it should not be scrubbed for at least five days after it has been laid down, in order to allow for proper curing.

The best way of all to deal with spillages and stains is to move swiftly to clean them with a wet mop, as this means they are easier to remove in the first instance.

Don’t worry, we’ll send you a guide sheet when you purchase your vinyl flooring from us to help you maintain your new flooring!

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