Carpet Maintenance Tips

Here’s some tips to help you keep your carpets in tip-top condition!

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Move your furniture around to spread the wear
  • Have a “no shoes” policy
  • Clean up spillages promptly
  • Use doormats
  • Don’t forget to ask Great Choice to clean your carpets every 12-18 months

Carpet Stain removal

Follow these tips to remove most stains from your carpets!

  1. Always blot spillages, never scrub
  2. For liquid spillages, blot excess using plain white towels and skip to step 4 below
  3. If it’s solid / partially solid spillage, scrape up solids and blot liquids
  4. Pre-test Great Choice Spotting Solution on an inconspicuous area, or use really hot water and a tiny dash of washing up liquid
  5. Spray / moisten spot with removal solution. Ensure you don’t spread the stain
  6. Cover with white cloth, and stand on the cloth, and repeat as required
  7. If not removed after several attempts, repeat steps 5 and 6 and weigh down with a HEAVY object overnight. Repeat if required
  8. Call Great Choice on 01202 377 577 if stain is not completely removed in 2/3 days